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Mr. Ilgenfritz's (Mr. I's) "PHOTOGRAPHY" Class
Instructor: Mr. Ilgenfritz   
Welcome to my web page. For basic information about the class please click on my Syllabus below in "Files" section.

"Second Semester Finals" coming soon! New (*NO Film) Project 15, "Ask Mr. I" for details!
*Project 15 will now be "Digital", *NOT film or darkroom!
Updates to follow!...
All Second Semester Projects (# 9-15, +19) on Second Semester final grade. Last (Half) Day of School: Wednesday, 6/7/17
- Each full photo project is worth 200 points each + extra credits and bonus points, if any, plus "Class Participation" points go toward your final Second Semester grade!

Every project for the 2nd Semester in "Files Section" now!
*Finals Schedule starts Monday June 5th -(2 final periods, half day), Tuesday June 6th - (2 final periods, half day), and Wednesday June 7th -(2 final periods, half day). No School Thursday June 8th (Seniors - Graduation Day!)

Finals - Monday: Periods 1+2, Tuesday: Periods 3+4, Wednesday: Periods 5+6.

See Project #'s 13, 14, +19, and Final Project due dates at bottom - "Photo-Story" # 15...
*Only Project 15 on Period # - Finals Day - No Late Work Accepted!!!
All Projects due the week before finals, except the final Project #15!
Projects # 9 - 14, +19 MUST be turned in for grade the week before finals, then only Project #15 is due for grade on finals week... - NO EXCEPTIONS! Plan ahead don't put off to the last days or else your grade will suffer - AGAIN, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Project 15 - "Photo Story" Will Now Use Digital - ***NOT Film/Darkroom
***Refer to the "Files" section below to access and read the "Developing" and "Enlarging" reference handouts...
-Project 15 will now be done using Digital Only!, ***NO film developing along with darkroom printing.
Now Digital!, ***NO Groups of 5-6 will share a 24 or 36 exposure roll of black and white film provided by the teacher to shoot with a film camera. Each student in the group will take a series of photos (approx. 6 each) then allow the other group members to continue the same. Group members will load and process the film in class, then take film into class-darkroom and first print a "Contact Sheet" print, then each member will print 1-6 5"x7" photo-paper prints, dry then present to the teacher along with the film in a negative sleeve and the Contact Sheet, plus all the group - 5"x7" photo-prints for a group grade. Each member is responsible for his/or her equal share of the work!
Project 12: "Portraits" Full Body w/ Dramatic Prop Costume, Uniform - Due Friday, May 19th
Project 12: "Portraits" w/Dramatic Prop, Costume, or Uniform - Due: Friday, May 21st. Develope film, In Darkroom Print 8x10" (Thumbnail) "Contact Sheet", & 5x7" "Enlargement" print. Ask Mr. I for help!!!
"Ketchup Week" Ends 4th Quarter Progress Report Period - *Friday, 4/28/17
Projects 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, & 19 are all due for second semester "4th Quarter Progress Report" Period Ending *Friday, 4/28/17 *(Collaboration Day Schedule - School ends at 11:40am).
4th Quarter Progress Report includes Projects 9 -14, +19 this Friday 4/28/17
Finish, complete, and submit on - Projects # 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, +19 by Friday, (4/28/17) for the 4th Quarter Progress Report.
Project 19: "Weather Photography" *Due: Friday, 4/21/17
Project 19: "Weather Photography" *Due: Friday, 4/21/17 - Shoot a set of 20 digital photos total. Shoot several photos that capture a visually strong message of the weather and/or a topic associated with weather content with close-ups and people affected. ... B​E VERY VISUALLY STRONG – BOLD! - Select the (best) 2 weather photos to open in "Adobe Photoshop" CS , place both on a blank new layer then place, size, crop, adjust, and correct any flaws, if necessary. Save (first) as a "PSD" format file, then save as a "JPG" format file (second). Finally submit the image file titled: "Project 19copy.jpg" on "" - *Check "" or "" for additional worksheets and info.
Project 14 - "Night Photography" - Shoot objects and scenes at night with pre-existing light, Due: Friday, 3/31/17
"Night Photography" should all be shot in the evening - with NO FLASH, (if possible). Just the pre-existing light coming from the objects and scenes you photograph. Neon Signs, elegant and ornate objects such as chandeliers, carnival rides, amusement parks, etc. work best. Harder, but equally impressive are things like concerts, small airports, brightly lit buildings and displays at night. Use your imagination ...and a tripod or monopod to steady the camera, if necessary. Be prepared to have a few failures before you succeed! Even the small brightly colored neon signs on store front windows can be beautiful, if shot at the right angles... BE PERSISTENT! (Take lots of shots to ensure your success). Due: Friday, 3/31/17
Good Luck!
Work on Projects 9, 10, 11, & 13 for end of 3rd Quarter Grade by this Friday, while working on Project 12 (FILM) project
Projects 9, 10. 11, & 13 will be factored in this Friday's end of "3rd Quarter Grade" finish all 4 by this Friday!!! - *(Project 12 [FILM] assignment due date extended past 3rd quarter... *Due Date is now Friday, May 12th, 5/12/17)
"Catch-Up" (Ketchup) Week!
This week (March 6th-10th M-F, "Catch-Up" Week)... Make up or complete and get graded all 3rd Quarter Projects - 9, 10, 11, & 13. - Ask Mr. I for help! Use Adobe Photoshop, load 2 photos you shot for each digital project onto a new blank layer then size, position, alter - if necessary, and save to your student folder "Photography" file - as a "PSD" (Photoshop) format first, then as a JPEG format. - End of 3rd Quarter Grades (Friday, March 17th) get factored end of next week! Be Prepared!
Projects 9, 10, 11, 13, on 3rd Quarter Grade - Friday, 3/17/16
Descriptions and due dates (below) in "Files" section and on right side "Things To Do & Photograph" section. Look at instructions and project worksheets for specific details.
Project 13 - "Angels & Demons" themed photos
-Follow the theme for Project 13: "Angels & Demons" Find things to photograph that represent good and evil in the world photographically. Follow project worksheet instructions and submit on ""...
-Due Date: (revised) Friday, 3/17/17 (-End of 3rd quarter grading period)

Project 13 - "Angels & Demons" - Asks you to find photo representations of "Good" and "Evil"
Look for objects and scenes that represent good/angelic and bad/evil things. Think of the world around you... Like Churches/Bars, things that represent Love/Hate, Healthy/Unhealthy, Thoughtful/Inconsiderate, Wise/Unwise, Conservation/Wastefulness, etc. Shoot aprox. 20 photos total - half of each. Place the best set of 2 on Adobe Photoshop (with new blank layer). Size, position, and crop, if necessary. Save as PSD format first, then as JPEG format to your I.D. # "Photography" folder... Submit on for grading.
Project 13 - "Angels & Demons" themed photos
Take photos for Project 13 - "Angels & Demons" theme, - Angelic/Good, and Demonic/Evil in our world...
Access "" with link from "Links" Section now!
Click on "" (You need the "class code" for your class period #) - Look in the "Links" Section (below right side) on this Webpage. Also access ""
as well (in "Links" Section also).
Click on "" (in "Links" Section below right) to view additional information, examples, and "Google Doc" format project worksheet files
Please click on and use "" in "Links" Section (below right side) to access additional information, photo project examples, and project worksheets for all assignments.
Projects 11 & 12 now in "Files" section.
Download and complete by due dates at bottom of each Project worksheet.
Project 12: "Portraits" (Full-Body With Dramatic Prop and Costume or Uniform) NOW USING FILM!!!
Project 12: "Portraits" (Full-Body, with Dramatic Prop, Costume or Uniform) ***NOW USING FILM AND CAMERA!!! - Due Dates extended to develop the film in class and utilize class "Darkroom" to print a "Contact Sheet" and 5"x7" size enlargements. Get into groups of 4-9 (use classroom "rows" 1 through 4 to team up! Shoot Portraits with film camera, develop film in class, print "Contact Sheet" and 5"x7" enlargements. ***Takes at least 5 work days each to finish!!! Due Date: Extended... (Ask Teacher)
Projects 9 & 10 to be used on 2nd Semester/3rd Quarter Progress Report Due: 2/10/17
Complete both Projects 9 &10 by Friday, 2/10/17 for 3rd Quarter Progress Reports/grade!
Projects 9 & 10 start Semester 2, download worksheets below in "Files" section. Note and follow due dates on worksheets!
Click below in "Files" section to see Projects 9 & 10...
Projects 1- 8 on First Semester Grade!
Check out Project 7 & 8 worksheets under "files" section below for details and due dates.
1st Semester grade 100 point written assignment - Weds. 12/7/16
-Open up new Google Doc or Microsoft Word page - new document, and open a new tab on Google Chrome - Image "search" for "Photography Shadows And Reflections". Search in "images" - "Photography Shadows And Reflections". Click on 10 different images and "visit page", then mouse click, highlight in blue, and copy the URL-link and copy image example to your Google Doc or Microsoft Word page (size images or page borders smaller, if necessary). Try to limit to approx. 3 pages with all 10 URL links and "thumbnail" image examples. Title word document "Photography Shadows And Reflections" Put your Name, I.D. #, & Period # at the top right of the word page above title, with the 10 different image examples sized, if necessary, and the 10 different URL link websites copied and pasted above each image. Number 1-10 the URL link and image examples. Submit on (use title).
10 points x 10 examples = 100 points possible for 1st Semester grade.
Copy and Paste into a Microsoft Word blank page, then save document on your student I.D.# "Photography" folder (-one that you normally save all your regular photo projects on). Due Date Weds. 12/7/16
1st Semester Finals Dec. 20-22, (STUDENT FREE DAY - FRI., DEC. 23)
Finish Project 8 by finals (no late work, after final accepted). All worksheets below in "Files" section.
Projects # 1 - 8 Worksheets in "Files" Section below...
All 8 Project Worksheets for Semester 1 attached below in "Files" section.
1st Semester Final Project 8: "Photo Mosaic" Due: Final Day of Semester Thursday, 12/22/16
*See Project 8: "Photo-Mosaic" project worksheet below in "Files" section for details and due dates. Click to download and open.
Project 7: "Shadows & Reflections" Due: Friday, 12/16/16
See "Things To Do & Photograph...", then download and view Project 7: "Shadows and Reflections" worksheet below in "Files" section for detailed instructions and due date.
Project 6 - "Cityscape/Landscape" Due: Friday, 12/9/16
Project 6 - "Cityscape/Landscape" Shoot 20 photos (minimum) with at least 10 of "city" (commercial buildings/ man-made), and 10 of "landscape" (nature/ natural scenic photos/ non-man-made). Download to your Student I.D. # "Photography" folder. Open one of each theme (City and Landscape) in Adobe Photoshop, Open addition blank "new layer", then slide both originals onto the blank layer, sizing, cropping, and positioning correctly. save as "Project 6" in first "psd", then "jpg" formats in your Student I.D. # "Photography" Folder,. Submit the "Project 6" (jpg) file only in
(P2) Progress Report 2 grades next - includes Projects 1 - 4, plus "Solargraphs"
Project # 5 "Portraits" - USING FILM! (In classroom Studio) w/ Lighting and a Model posed
- *Due Wednesday, 11/30/16. *(Due Date Extended, until Wednesday of week after Thanksgiving week break)
*Project 5 to be taken with ("analog") film-cameras and other film equipment - provided (NOT DIGITAL!)- printed in the class using the (back) "Film Room" and "Darkroom". One contact print and one 5" x 7" enlargement, plus properly developed film strip that you shot . Wait for more detailed instructions to come - in class. - SO BE PREPARED!

Project # 6 "Cityscape/Landscape" (DIGITAL - all outdoors) Take half (10) photos of All Natural (No man-made things) Landscapes, plus the other half (10) photos of Downtown Commercial City Buildings and Businesses with colorful signs, etc. (20 photos total). Download all and save one set as "PSD", then "JPEG" formats - using Adobe "Photoshop" program to size, position and format both. Print one page (one of each theme on print) on one (1) glossy digital photo page for grade.
- Due Friday, 12/9/16.

*(P2) 2nd Progress Report Grading Period Ends: Thursday 11/10/16- Grading includes: Written Assignments - "25 Careers In Photography", "25 Famous Photographers", History Notes Quiz, Class Participation, and Projects 1 - 4, plus "Solargraphs"
"SOLARGRAPHS" - (Class Activity) *Due Date: Thurssday, 11/10/16 - *(Due Date Extended)
"SOLARGRAPHS" - Class Activity *Due Date Extended: *Thursday 11/10/16 *Bring approx. 5 metal or other "solid" objects such as (thick/metal) jewelry, keys/key chains, coins and any other objects that lay flat on a small piece of photo-paper ( 5 x 7") & block light passing through them. After receiving a piece of unexposed 5 x 7" Photo-paper from the class Darkroom, place Photo-paper onto a solid bookcover and place 5 objectson top of the paper then take out to classroom outside balcony for 10 minutes and expose to sunlight without moving objects. After 10 minutes, quickly return into Classroom - Darkroom, remove objects, write your name, I.D.#, and Period # on back side (lightly), and hide paper inside between textbook solid pages, light-blocking photo-paper bag/box for grading the following Monday. Worth 50 Points!!!
"Photograms" - 100 point credit assignment to prepare to use film and darkroom! Photograms Due Date: *Friday, 11/18/16 & Project 5 Due Date: *Wednesday,11/30/16
*Note: Due dates may be extended 1-2 weeks -
*100 point credit assignment*: "
Photograms" is an in-class activity to prepare you to correctly and safely use the darkroom enlargers and 3 - chemical trays in the darkroom sink. Read the "Photograms" step by step guide below in "Files" section, then bring in approx. 4-5 small objects that can lay flat, and block some (translucent like color plastic rulers, protractors, etc.) or all light (solid/metal items like keys, coins, jewelry pendants, keychains, or pencils/pens, etc.) from the enlarger light onto a 5"x 7" paper in the easel below the enlarger. We will then take photos using film for Project 5 "Portraits" Assignment, which includes "processing film", printing a "contact sheet" & an "enlargement" in the darkroom. This will require additional time to do for everyone in class because of limited darkroom size & space.
"Photograms" - finished Print *Due Date: *Wednesday, November 30 - (11/30/16)

Next: Project 5 - "Portraits", w/Studio Lighting and Model posed (Using Film!, No Digital!)

Project 5 - Using film properly shot, then properly developed, then properly printed and finished (you printed) w/"Contact Sheet" & 5"x 7" Enlargement, plus a properly developed "Negative" film strip (that you shot and developed).
Prints (both) and Negatives *Due Date: *Wednesday, November 30 - (11/30/16)
"Photograms" - 100 point assignment *Due Date: Wednesday, 11/30/16, & Project 5 *(Due Date Extended)
Refer to "Photograms" information sheet in "Files" section below. I will add this as extra credit to you 1st semester grade. This will involve placing 5-6 items on a piece of 5x7" photo paper (non-digital) back in the photo-darkroom on an photo-easel, under a photo "enlarger". Enlarger timer should be set to 10 seconds. Under only orange safe-lights on in darkroom, press timer button on -set for 10 seconds. When light goes out, place in Developer tray, agitate for 90 seconds, then drip for 10 seconds. Place in Stop-Bath tray, agitate for 30 seconds, then drip for 10 seconds. Place in Fixer tray, agitate for 4 minutes, then drip for 10 seconds. Place in Water Rinse for 4 minutes, drip for 10 seconds, then squeegee once and place in drying rack for one hour/60 minutes to dry. Print is now done.
Project 4 - "Pictures Don't Lie, Pictures Do Lie" Due: Friday, 10/21/16
For "Pictures Don't Lie, Pictures Do Lie" - take at least *ten "sets" of different photographs (*20 different photos total). Best to take at least 10 "background/scenic" photos like a golf course, football field, street, lunch area, or parking lots. Then take another 10 "object" photos like a basketball on a plain background like a concrete sidewalk - (geometric shapes work best like things with a circle, square, rectangle, triangle approx. shapes) - to outline around using the "Magnetic Lasso Tool" - on the left side of the Adobe "Photoshop" CS-3 program, when opened. Download all photos into your student I.D. # directory "Photography" folder, select one set (two different photos) to open in Adobe Photoshop - size, format, and digitally alter one photo to "manipulate the truth", leave the other (different) photo un-altered. Alterations may include colorizing objects, re-sizing objects, duplicating objects, juxtaposition objects, manipulating perspective, etc. Save to your student I.D. # Directory "Photography" folder file - first as "PSD " file format, then "JPEG" file format.
More to Come!
*Look for announcements & updates!
*Also check upcoming and past projects -
Project #1 See in "Files" section below
Project #2 See in "Files" section below
Project #3 See in "Files" section below
Project #4 See in "Files" section below - (not counted on 1st quarter grade - Q1). "Pictures Don't Lie, Pictures Do Lie" - Shoot *20 photos on this theme to save in "Photography" folder - *but print only one set - just 2+ photos (1- unaltered, just 1-altered) onto a single (1) photo page.
Project 3 - "Opposites" Due: Friday, 10/7/16 *Extended to Monday, 10/10/16
Due Date Friday, 10/7/16 - *Extended to Monday 10/10/16.

Take photos of "Opposite" themes... Tall/Short, Clean/Dirty, Sweet/Sour, Large/Small, Good for you/Bad for you, Smarter/Dumber, Fire/Ice, Wet/Dry, Obscure/Clear, Hard/Soft, Good smell/Bad smell, etc., etc. Save 10 sets (20 photos total) in your Student I.D. # "Photography" folder. Select the best set (2) to open into Adobe Photoshop. Open another "Blank Layer" with "File"menu, "New", enter image size as 8.5"x11" and "300" Pixels/Inch" resolution. Format your 2 originals by clicking the "Edit" menu, then "Free Transform" command. Use "View" menu, then "Rulers" to show them. Slide originals onto the new blank layer, then Size, Center, and Position, then save the finished photo as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format in your student I.D. # "Photography" folder file you create. (You may also adjust the "Brightness/Contrast" and "Color" settings under the "Image" menu, then "Adjustments" command, then adjust sliders to improve your image lighting & color quality.) *Helpful Tip: Take photos with sunlight at your back to emphasize good lighting directed onto your subject. (Watch for distracting shadows on your subject.) Look for any "visual interference" - (things that distract attention away from your primary subject).
Check for 1st Quarter Progress Report Grades When Posted
1st Progress Reports Term Grades (P1) will be posted on "PowerSchool". - I also have hard copy of "individual assignment" grades to check your Projects, Written-Assignments, & Test/Quiz grades.
Project 2 - "Me" Due date: Friday, 9/23/16
Tell me about "you" without you being in the photo... -Your talents, hobbles, interests, uniforms, collections, likes, dislikes, passions. What makes you special, different from others. Shoot 20 photos, save them as "PSD" and "JPEG" formats in your Student I.D. # Directory "Photography" file folder. *Make a new folder named "Photography". Select one image to print, open Adobe Photoshop CS program - Size it with "Image" menu, Image size, Then "File" menu, "Save As", Title it "Project 2" first in "PSD" & then "JPEG" format. When the "JPEG" Options window pops up slide slider all the way to right side, underneath select "Baseline Optimized". Resolution should be set to "300" to save in your "Photography" file folder.
can help you better, if you ask me for help early!)
Photography Class "Supply Fund" $60. Year or $30. x 2 Semester payment due: Thursday, 9/1/16
*ASB Supply Fund Payment Day for "Photography" Class will be on Thursday September 1, 2016 (9/1/16).
Please return check (to AUSD) or cash for Entire Year $60., or Fall Semester only $30. by Thursday Sept. 1st (9/1/16) period class-time
*Fee Waiver may be requested for financial hardship/ Ask student's counselor to e-mail Mr. Ilgenfritz, if necessary.
Thank You For Your Participation!

-Mr. Ilgenfritz
"25 Famous Photographers" written assignment (From class video) plus (years lived), and a brief description Due: Friday, 9/2/16
"25 Famous Photographers" written assignment Due: Friday, 9/2/16. Open and type a Microsoft Word file (save also as a Google Document). List and number at least 25 Famous Photographers (-from the "150 Years Of Photography" video seen in Photography class. Number them 1 - 25 and title the page "25 Famous Photographers" at the top of the page. Print your Name, I.D.#, and Period # also at the top of the page. For each famous photographer add the years they lived... (in parenthesis) - i.e.: (1910-1987), plus a brief description of what made them famous.
10 Question Quiz on History Of Photography/ Famous Photographers (on Friday, 9/2/16) from "History Terms" download file below...
Click on "History Terms" in "File" section below and download/open file, then select only "page 7" from downloaded file below - (bottom left corner of monitor screen - 8 pages). Print and/or study only "page 7" - "History Of Photography Terms With Notes" (*Note: Only 10 "people" (no items/objects/groups) selected from the list on this quiz), - *(Note: "him or her" descriptions for this quiz). ...I will give you the description, you give me the person's name. Study Now!!!
Project #1 - "History Of Photography Poster" Due: Weds. 9/7/16 (Day before "Back To School Night")
"History Of Photography Poster" Due Weds. 9/7/16 (Day Before "Back To School Night"). Download and refer to the Project 1 worksheet below in the "Files" section. Select a photo-history time period from the list below on the worksheet and find 10 photo illustrations (approx. 3"x5" size each) - then print and glue-stick them onto a large poster board (approx. 22"x28" size). May be white, black, colored or other fancy design poster board or foam-core. Include a full paragraph description under each photo-illustration. Title the poster board "History Of Photography" (plus the year time range) at top of the poster. Also print your Name, I.D. #, and Period # on the back side of the poster board.
Please Return "Photography Year Syllabus" consent form with signature by parent or guardian by period classtime Friday 8/26/16
Take home copy of Photography (Year) Syllabus and have parent or guardian sign on page 2 at bottom (consent form), then return to class (by Friday 8/26/16) and turn in to Mr. Ilgenfritz.
Project #1 - "History Of Photography Poster"
Project #1 - "History Of Photography Poster"
Due Date: Wednesday, 9/7/16 (Day before "Back To School Night") - Download Project Worksheet below in "Files" Section
"25 Photographic Careers" written assignment - plus a positive aspect and a negative aspect full sentence for each one - Due Fri. 8/26/16
Title the paper "25 Photographic Careers" List a minimum of 25 photographic careers, number them 1 - 25 -plus a minimum sentence each of a positive aspect and a sentence of a negative aspect to each career area listed. Print your name, I.D. #, and Period # at top right of the paper. You may use Microsoft Word, Google Documents then download/Save as a Microsoft Word File, or hand-write neatly on notebook paper. Save to you Student I.D.# directory folder/Create a new folder titled "Photography". Print a ​hard copy to turn in to teacher for grade. Due: 8/26/16
2016-2017 New Art Department Staff Member!
Please welcome our newest "Visual Art Department" Teacher - Christina Ma! smiley (Art and Music, and Introduction to Classic Film)
Taking photos is half the work! Hold your camera very steady -or use a good tripod or monopod...
 Photography PDF Files
"PDF" Files from Photography Fusion "Files" Section - *For use with Google "Chrome-Books"
"35mm FILM & DIGITAL (D/SLR) LENSES" (Page 5) - Measured in millimeters of focal length i.e. 50mm, and largest lens opening (aperture "f-stop") i.e.: 50mm "f-1.4". Zoom lenses have a range of focal lengths and largest lens opening (aperture "f-stop") i.e.: 28mm-200mm f-3.5.
Check Gallery and Museum websites for latest addresses, info. phone numbers, and exhibits.
How to add a class network printer to your student workstation
 Adobe Photoshop CS3 Project 2 Help
This Project 2 Adobe Photoshop program "Help Sheet" will guide you through sizing, formatting, and saving your digital photos first into "PSD" format, then as a "JPEG" format on your student I.D.# directory - newly created "Photography" folder-file. Good information for all upcoming digital photo projects from Project 2 beyond!
 Adobe Photoshop CS3 Project 3 Free Transform
READ THIS! This Adobe "Photoshop" program 2 page information sheet will help with using the Adobe Photoshop program Edit menu "Free Transform" steps needed for Project 3 and all *digital photo projects beyond that. Placing 2 or more photos (layers) onto a single blank background (layer) computer photo-page to print for projects and helps to create photo-mosaics (*if digital - Project 8) and photo-collages and sequences (*if digital - Project 15+) later.
"COMPOSITION" (Page 8) - This 8 page document includes information sheets on Composition Guidelines- (Page 8), Film Sizes Formats & Types - (Page 1), History of Photography Terms With Notes - (Page 7), Digital/35mm-Film (D/SLR) Camera Lenses - (Page 5), Film & Photo-Paper Emulsion Main Ingredients - (Page 2), Digital/35mm-Film (D/SLR) Camera Types - (Page 3), Factors Of Exposure - (Page 6), and 2 Light Meter Types - (Page 4).
6 Page step by step document (3 pages steps for making "Contact Prints" + 3 pages for making "Enlargement Prints" in the class darkroom).
(2-pages) Steps for Loading Film rolls into developing containers and then the 6 liquid/chemical steps next at the classroom sink before squeegee-ing film and hanging it up to dry in the film drying cabinet also in the classroom.
FILM-LOADING STEPS IN "FILM-ROOM" NEXT TO THE DARKROOM, THEN 6 LIQUID/CHEMICAL STEPS AT THE SINK IN THE CLASSROOM - 2 pages total - 1 page for Film-Loading onto a "film-reel" into a light-tight "tank", and 1 page for Film-Developing (6 liquid/chemical steps at the classroom sink).
"DIGITAL & 35mm FILM CAMERAS" (Page 3) - Basic Types ("D/SLR" vs. "Point & Shoot") plus advantages & disadvantages of each.
"EMULSION" (Page 2) - The "light sensitive coating" applied to both Film & Photo Paper - for printing with film.
*Steps to make Contact-Prints and Enlargement-Prints. Use these steps to prepare, set-up, then make a contact-print and enlargement-print in the darkroom. *6 pages total - 3 pages for making Contact- Prints, 3 pages for making Enlargement-Prints.
"FACTORS OF EXPOSURE" (Page 6) - Including "Film Sensitivity" to light (Film Speed), "Lens Opening" (Aperture), and length of "Exposure Time" (Shutter Speed).
"FILM SIZE FORMATS" (Page 1) - For small, medium, and large film format cameras (in millimeters/centimeters, and inches).
"HISTORY TERMS WITH NOTES" (Page 7) - information for quizzes & tests on "History Of Photography" - famous people, objects & items given from the photography text and videos in class. *(-Also, the 8 - page document from the "Composition" file download, listed above in "Files" section.)
"2 TYPES OF LIGHT METERS" (Page 4) - With different variations given
"LOADING FILM" 2 page document for loading film in the "FILM ROOM" also includes steps for developing film at the outside sink area (6 liquid steps - plus hang drying in cabinet).
A list of most L.A. area museums. Some include photography exhibits. Note individual websites for "free" days!
2 pages, 17 Steps for making a "Photogram" in the film darkroom using an enlarger, timer, and easel. Place approx. 5 flat/translucent objects directly onto piece of 5"x 7" photo paper before turning on enlarger light for 10 seconds, then run through the 3 chemical trays: 90 secs. Developer, 30 secs. Stop-Bath, and 4 mins. Fixer, then 4 mins. Water Rinse, then squeegee once & drip dry for one hour (60 mins.).
This "Back To School Night" PowerPoint Presentation explains the basics of the 'Photography" year class and "Photography Year Syllabus" file available on my "Fusion" webpage on the home website by Mr. Ilgenfritz (Mr. I)... Enjoy!
6 Page step by step document (3 pages steps for making "Contact Prints" + 3 pages for making "Enlargement Prints" in the class darkroom).
Project 1 - "History Of Photography Poster" - w/ 10 postcard sized (approx. 3" x 5") illustrations - with a min. full paragraph description of each, glue-stick onto a large white, black, colorful, or design/patterned poster-sized (approx. 22" x 28") cardboard. Print your Name, I.D. #, & Period # on the back side.
Due: (Wednesday) - Day before "Back To School Night" (9/7/16)
Project 10 - "Color Toning" Shoot 20 photos of objects (outdoor). - Select the best 2, then use Adobe Photoshop "Image" menu, then "Adjustments", then "Hue/Saturation". Check "Colorize" box, then slide 3 sliders. adjust each photo to one color tone, (approx. 50%+/- for "Lightness" & "Saturation" sliders, and anywhere for color - for "Hue" slider). Save as first "PSD"/(Photoshop) file format and as "JPEG" file format. Print/Save the 2 different color toned photos onto 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper page. Again, save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" computer folder/file.
Due: Friday, 2/3/17
Project 11 - "Partially Brushed-On Look" Take 20 photos of objects with intricate or unusual edge details/ unusual shapes and colors, save in student folder. Load 2 photos into Adobe Photoshop, select Filter menu, "Brush Strokes - "Sprayed Strokes" Slide the 2 sliders both all the way in window to the far right, click on "OK". Print 2 images on one page (Epson Color Photo printers), save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: Friday, 2/17/17
Project 12 - "Portrait-Full Body - w/Implied Activity" (In Studio or Outdoors) Full body & frontal angle on face, from above head to below toes. Shoot 20 photos - include the front of the face and the whole body with a dramatic prop, uniform, or costume. and with an implied activity (baseball bat swing, tennis racket swing, playing a trumpet, violin, guitar, etc.) -2 different photos onto 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper page, save as both "PSD" & "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: Friday, 3/3/17
Project 13 - "Angels & Demons" First shoot 20 photos that represent (half-10) "good/angelic" & (half-10) "bad/evil" theme, such as a church and a liquor store, clean well taken care of things, and run-down things in a state of destruction, etc. Save all, then select the 2 best (1-set), -then using Adobe Photoshop program with Edit menu Free-transform command onto a new blank layer, size and position the (2) photos with shift button on keyboard, click and dragging mouse button - moving images to correct size and position onto the new blank layer. Save it to your folder and print onto 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper page. Save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your Student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: Friday, 3/17/17
Project 14 - "Night Photography" Take 20 photos at night of neon lights, signs, and objects that have their own emitting light or highly reflective surfaces near bright sources of outdoor light. -Neon business signs work best, like "The Souplantation", or "The Derby" restaurants (in Arcadia), or events like a carnival, airport runway/beacon lights, neon hotel/motel lights, etc. Print 2 different photos taken at night onto a new blank background layer in Adobe Photoshop and save as 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper page, save in first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: 3/31/17
 Project 15
*Project 15 - "Photo-Story" (2nd Semester Final Project) - (*READ UPDATE!)
*Now to be shot with film and printed on photographic emulsion paper in the A-215 class back darkroom... GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME & DAYS (5 full days) TO FINISH THIS PROJECT! -SEE BELOW-
"Photo-Story" - Shoot, develop, print, and present 6 - 5"x 7" darkroom made photos + contact sheet, test strips and developed negatives in a sleeve. Tell a simple artistic or funny themed story, like a newspaper comic-strip.

*(Replace digital with film and darkroom prints)
*(Above instructions replace digital version listed below)
You may use Microsoft "Picture-It!" program with "Make a photo-collage" selection, or Adobe Photoshop dragging photos onto a new blank layer. Print and save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder. Print the 6 photos onto 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper page.

Tell a story in a simple sequence without any words, including beginning, middle, and ending photo shots. Only your 6 photos tell the story! Think visually! ;)
Due: 2nd Semester Final Day. (Wednesday, 6/7/17)
*Project 16 - *Extra Credit Option (to # 15) - "Photo-Journalism". Shoot at least 20 photos of a news worthy event. Photograph event topics with dynamic visual imagery suitable for a magazine or newspaper publication. It could be a holiday festival with costumes or lights, sports event, artistic outdoor performance, race, concert, or arts and crafts exhibition (or anything else news worthy). Select the 6 best photos, open and place them onto a single digital photo page. Print/Save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: 2nd Semester Final Day (Wednesday, 6/7/17)
*Project 17 - *Extra Credit Option (to # 15) - "Product / Still-Life Photography". Shoot at least 20 photos of commercial objects (w/clear product labels to camera) - use a studio light-table inside the A-215 classroom, download and save to computer student I.D. # folder, then select 6 to open and place onto a single digital photo page. Print/Save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: 2nd Semester Final Day (Wednesday, 6/7/17)
*Project 18 - *Extra Credit Option (to # 15) - "Social-Documentary Photography". Shoot at least 20 photos of a topic concerning the world we live in - that we can do something about, to make the world a better place for all. Download and save them all into your student I.D. # folder. Open 6 photos and place them onto a single digital photo page to tell a visually compelling documentary story. Print/Save as first "PSD," then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: 2nd Semester Final Day (Wednesday, 6/7/17)
Project 2 - "Me" Shoot 20 photos that represent "you", without you in the shot (objects and scenic shots), download them all and save them all into your school computer Student I.D.# directory, and create a new file folder named "Photography" for this class. Use Adobe Photoshop CS software to size 8.5"x 11" (inches) width/height (or reverse), set resolution (to "300 pixels/inch"), then *save final image file named "Project 2" to your Student I.D.# Directory "Photography" file folder - *save first as "PSD", then "JPEG" file format. Print your 1 best shot on a 8.5"x 11" glossy photo paper page (from the classroom Epson color photo printers). Turn in with your Name-Printed, Student I.D. #, Period #, and Project # on back side with a (soft) felt tip pen, like a black or dark blue "Sharpie".
Due: Friday, 9/23/16
Project 3 - "Opposites" This project asks you to photograph visually opposite themes in your world. Shoot 20 photos (half of each opposite theme). Examples like tall/short, clean/dirty, healthy food/unhealthy food, big car/little car, real animal/toy animal, real house/toy house, cats/dogs, typewriter/computer, etc. Shoot, then download and save 10 sets (20 photos total). *Select and open only the best 1-set (2 opposite images), slide the two onto a blank new layer, size, position, and save using the "Free Transform" command function in the "Edit" Menu of Adobe Photoshop CS (*Refer to and read the Project 3 - "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Project 3 Free Transform Steps" 2-page file to download in the "Files" section of this website, print only one 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper sheet, save image files as both "PSD" & "JPEG" file formats on your Student I.D.# Directory "Photography" file folder. Print your Name, I.D. #, Period #, and Project # on the back-side of the print, then turn in for grade.
Due: Friday, 10/7/16
Project 4 - "Pictures Don't Lie, Pictures Do Lie" - This project lets you create, exaggerate, mis-lead, and imagine the visually beyond belief. Shoot 20 background shots. Add one "object" photo to create a visual "lie" to one of the two background shots. Use Adobe Photoshop CS "Freetransform" step in the "Edit" menu to create size, position, alter and combine both photos onto a single blank new layer (*Refer to and read the Project 3 - "Photoshop Freetransform" 2-page file to download in the "Files" section of this website). Save & print one copy. Print the 2 different background photos (1 with digitally altered additional object photo) onto 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper page, save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your Student I.D. # Directory "Photography" file folder. Print your Name, I.D. #, Period #, and Project # on the back-side of the print, then turn in for grade.
Due: 1st Quarter Finals Day (Friday, 10/21/16)
 Project 5
Project 5 - "Portraits" (In Classroom Studio, with model). In groups of 4 - 6 people, shoot 4 - 6 correctly lit and posed portraits each with a film "SLR" camera, later group develop film in class at the class sink area, then print in class back "darkroom" . Each person will also print a 5x7" print and a "contact sheet". Due: Friday, 11/18/16
Project 6 - "Cityscape/Landscape" - Outdoor
Shoot 10 sets (20 total) of outdoor photos -half of downtown/city (metro) commercial buildings, - stores, banks, restaurants, etc. - and half of nature shots, non-man-made, wilderness, rivers, mountain, forest shots, etc. -with no buildings or people), download into your student "Photography" titled folder, open with Adobe Photoshop, create new layer, place two shots onto a blank "new layer" background layer. Print 2 photos onto 1 - 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper page, save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: Friday, 12/2/16
Project 7 - "Shadows & Reflections"
Shoot 20 photos, half of reflections - (off windows, glass, mirrors, water puddles, shiny-chrome, etc.), half of shadows - (off objects such as bicycles, things with detailed edges/outlines). Download all into your student I.D. folder, then open Adobe Photoshop with 2 best photos (1 -each theme) onto 1 glossy 8.5" x 11" photo paper page, save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: Friday, 12/16/16
Project 8 - (1st Semester Final Project) - "Photo Mosaic" Like famous Photo-Artist David Hockney, shoot 20 photos of a very large object like a school bus, shoot some from angles high/low, near/far, angle right/left. get close ups of pieces of the whole (i.e.: a wheel of the school bus). Download all photos to your student I.D. folder. Open "Adobe Photoshop" or "Microsoft Picture It", pick 6 pieces and overlap to create an abstract form of the pieces of the large object you photographed. Save the 6 pieces, the final image, and print onto 1 page glossy 8.5" x 11" photo paper page, save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: Thursday, 12/22/16 for 1st Semester Finals Day
Project 9 - "Color versus Black & White" Shoot at least 20 photos of objects with textures unique shapes/designs/patterns, etc. Use Adobe "Photoshop" software. On one photo, Click on "Image" menu, select "Adjustments", then "Desaturate" (or "Black and White") to make it black & white, plus include another different original color photo. Put both photos: 1-color & 1-black and white photo onto 1 - 8.5" x 11" size computer glossy photo paper page, save as first "PSD", then "JPEG" file format on your student I.D. # "Photography" folder.
Due: Friday, 1/20/17
Project 19: "Weather Photography" Due: 4/21/17 - Shoot a set of 20 digital photos total. Shoot several photos that capture a visually strong message of the weather and/or a topic associated with weather content with close-ups and people affected. ... BE VERY VISUALLY STRONG – BOLD!
Select two (2) images from your student “Photography” folder thumbnail image photos (that you shot) and right-click “Open” with “Adobe Photoshop” CS. Remember to download, then save your work.
*Grading guidelines for Final Semester Grades *(Includes Class Participation Points, Extra Credit Points, and any additional assignment points possible.)
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